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Pure Professionalism

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Executive Director


Mpho is a priest, artist teacher and a public speaker. She has more than thirty years of Non-profit management experience working for a more just world.




Christina Moreno is a human rights lawyer, founder & CEO of She Matters and strong advocate for women's rights. She was selected as a Thompson Reuter's Foundation Trust Conference Scholar for her work on women's empowerment, and was named a 'Persons to Watch for Justice Innovation' by HiiL Innovating Justice. Christina has published and spoken on various topics related to international law and women's empowerment. 

I believe in a world where all things are possible. Where equal opportunity isn't a dream, but a norm. That's why I'm honoured to be a part of the Tutu Teach Foundation - an organisation with a mission to improve equal access to opportunities for everyone. We are all capable of creating positive change by serving others. And because of that, we can all make a difference.




I work as a full-time professor in Pediatric Infectious Diseases in the Amsterdam University Medical Center. My vision is " empowerment of children around the world to create a safe and healthy home for each of them". 
Patient care in which I give advice on infectious or immunological problems in children belongs to my core business. Teaching medical students, but also residents in pediatrics, or colleague pediatricians on topics which are important in the field of pediatric infectious disease is also part of my job. 
My research focuses on bacterial meningitis from bench to bedside, including follow-up of these patients. As an honorary professor of Tygerberg Hospital in Cape Town I train South African PhDs in research. Tuberculous meningitis and HIV are the two main research topics which are examined in South-Africa. 
With the knowledge obtained during my MBA Health I am able to initiate innovative projects such as "Giving children a chance for life" on HIV adherence which will have a global impact. 
I like to coach people in their way to explore what their "professional dream island" looks like and how they can achieve this.

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