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What has been your most important experience as a mentor?

I have supervised 80 (bio)medical students during my PhD research. They helped me by collecting data and making 3D reconstructions of human embryos to create an atlas of human development. As all students worked on individual projects for months and some even for years I had intensive contact with them, including moments for reflection. I think many of the students regard me now as a role model, being a respected researcher, teacher, medical doctor, wife and mother of two kids (1 and 3 yr) at the age of 32.

What has been your most important experience as a mentee?

The fact that one of my most valued and trusted mentors (a male) suddenly turned against me with far-reaching consequences.

How did you arrive at the position you are in now?

By studying and working hard (6 days a week and many evenings for years), being patient, setting 5- and 10-year goals, actively networking, intrinsic motivation and interest in the subject I was working on. But the most important one; the great support of my husband and family.

My name is Dr. Bernadette de Bakker

I work as an embryologist at the Amsterdam UMC

and I support #IToo.

Dr. Bernadette de Bakker: Meet the Team
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