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Director of Operations

What has been your most important experience as a mentor?

In guiding others, my primary experience is that my own job satisfaction, my enthusiasm and my enthusiasm often had a stimulating effect. In my career I have met many people who would like to become my hadas, I would like to be my career, I had an interest in my field and I was motivated in my work and by my drive. That pleasure is also fun and valuable. Furthermore, I am convinced that my conviction on conviction has made me a good mentor for many.

What has been your most important experience as a mentee?

My most important experience is that I have the space and the confidence to grow in me. Trust created growth. I have experienced that I am very appreciated for the achievements I have put in and that I also have the credits. There was a safe space to make mistakes and correct them. I have learned a lot from making mistakes, investigating my own possibilities and impossibilities, and having tested my abilities. I have certainly learned to see my own limits, to make reservations and to make my own choices.

How did you arrive at the position you are in now?

I was the youngest in a family of four children. My father, in particular, took it for granted that I would be well educated. I achieved my position in the organization in which I work mainly through my compassion for the people with and for whom I work.

I was always fascinated by the medical world, wanted to contribute to this world by establishing a connection. Connection between colleagues, connection between healthcare professional and patient, connection between management and the workplace… I once completed an HBO education in the pedagogical field and found a suitable job that turned out not to be suitable for me.

I then made the choice to accept a job that was below my level but enabled me to work in a hospital. From there, I took all the opportunities that were offered to me to develop further. I followed various courses and never made it a secret to be ambitious and want to move forward in the organization.

I have always been clear to my environment about the direction I wanted to go and what subjects attracted me. By taking the initiative myself, making my wishes known, being prepared for change and, above all, retaining compassion, I ended up in the position where I am now. My motto in life has always been that I had to be able to fully take care of myself;

I never wanted to be dependent and prefer to achieve everything on my own. I believe that has succeeded and I look back with pleasure and some pride.

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